A helicopter flight over Paris: an unbeatable experience!

vue d'un vol hélicoptère Paris

As the genuine City of Light, Paris is a fascinating city known the world over for its art, culture and luxury. Perhaps you’re familiar with Paris and think you’ve been there, done that? Picture yourself taking a helicopter flight from Paris to live the high life and broaden your horizons… Whether it’s your first helicopter flight or not, with an experienced pilot at the controls you will be safe as you take to the air. From the air, you’ll be able to see the capital, as well as the Château de Versailles and other highlights of the Île-de-France region. In the opinion of those lucky enough to have done it, it’s a unique experience! Embark on an aerial getaway that’s truly extraordinary


The capital has a huge heliport at the city limits between the 15th arrondissement and Issy-les-Moulineaux, easily accessible from the adjoining arrondissements: the 7th, 14th and 16th.

To make the most of your helicopter flight from Paris in the most hassle-free way, and choose the right kind of flight for you, there are several options available:



Most companies offer helicopter flights for tourists. Like the Paris-Versailles route, with a stopover in Saint-Cyr l’École. This can be shared with other passengers, reducing the price per person, for example.

Some airlines offer you the choice between a shared flight and a private flight. Always with an experienced pilot at the controls, for a trip or first ever flight where you’re completely safe. This is the case for the HELIPASS platform and Mont Blanc Hélicoptères, both of which have good reviews.

A private flight from Paris is always well received. Whatever your idea of a helicopter flight looks like, it’s always good to have options, depending on what you feel like and are going to do!



There are times in your life that you don’t necessarily want to share with strangers. A private flight from Paris is the best option if:


AB CORPORATE AVIATION and AEROAFFAIRES only offer private flights. With an experienced pilot to make for an exceptional experience.

When it comes to doing business, such services are always well received. To get you to a business meeting or incentive seminar, or as a gift for a loyal customer.

For a family outing or weekend away, a helicopter flight or first ever flight is obviously an unforgettable experience that you can all share in.



As Benjamin Franklin said back in the 18th century: “Time is money”. ***Traduit ci-dessus*** His words are still relevant today, especially in the business world, and also so that you don’t waste a single minute of a getaway with your loved ones.


Here are a few exceptional flights out of the Paris Heliport:

    • Paris-Geneva: to meet a client for a business dinner, or to enjoy this superb city and Lake Geneva on a weekend away with the family. A private chauffeur will drive you from your hotel to the heliport in Paris, and as part of your VIP treatment, you will get a bottle of champagne before your take-off with HELIPASS.
    • Day trip to Mont Saint-Michel: departing from Paris at 9.45 a.m. or 10 a.m. with AB CORPORATE AVIATION, depending on the chosen helicopter (the flight is for 5 to 8 passengers in addition to the pilot). Open to passengers 15 minutes before take-off. The package includes a visit to the majestic mount with a private tour guide. Lunch at the famous Mère Poulard, with its no less famous omelette, and take-off again at the end of the day. On the outward and return flights, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the Château de Versailles. As well as Avranches, the Eiffel Tower, Norman Switzerland and the Arc de Triomphe… Great memories ahead!
    • Recharge your batteries in Deauville: just an hour’s flight from Paris, in a helicopter that can take up to 5 people in addition to the pilot. It’s a chance to enjoy the sea air, see how your swing is or get hyped up at the races… You can go for a return or one-way flight, if you want to make the most of really switching off with AEROAFFAIRES.
    • A getaway to London: join a private pilot for a 2 hour 10 min flight in his helicopter, which can take up to 3 people. Fly over (and admire!) western Paris, Normandy, Buckingham Palace and the famous Tower Bridge. With a stopover at Denham aerodrome, north-west of London, with wingly.
    • Gourmet lunch: enjoy a meal at the Michelin-starred Les Chemins restaurant at Domaine de Primard, in the Eure region. 25 minutes away from Paris by helicopter You’ll land within the Domaine, with AB CORPORATE AVIATION making matters as straightforward as possible.

This is not an exhaustive selection, to be added to according to your wishes and availability, of course.



First, a quick round-up of the legislation governing helicopter flights in Paris:

    • For obvious aviation safety reasons,flying over Paris within the city limits is prohibited below 6,600 feet (around 2,000 m).
    • Only twin-engine helicopters are allowed to land and take off at the Paris heliport.
    • In theory, a helicopter flight should last more than an hour, so as not to cause noise pollution all in one place. If it is shorter, it must include a stopover of at least 45 minutes, to rein in the continuous noise.


The most popular tours include:


  • Paris and Versailles: a classic among helicopter flights from Paris. This exclusive flight has received a host of good reviews. The Longchamp racecourse, the Montparnasse Tower, the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro, and of course the Château de Versailles and its gardens… You can see all these quintessential monuments on this trip, which is perfect as a first ever flight. Available several times a day, every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays, between late October and late December.
  • Châteaux de la Loire: after Versailles and the forest of Rambouillet, you’ll fly over Amboise, Le Clos-Lucé and Vaux-le-Vicomte, among others. You can also visit the Domaine de Cheverny and the châteaux of Beauregard and Chambord. A right royal line-up! NB: the company can organise a flight within a few hours if necessary.
  • Paris-Aéroport du Bourget transfer: the heliport is easy to get to, and the journey from there to Le Bourget takes just 20 minutes. From there, you can take a private jet that will take you as close as possible to your destination, without wasting any time.
  • Travel to DisneylandⓇ Paris: from the Paris heliport, you and your family or friends can get there in just 20 minutes (maximum 5 passengers). In the land of Mickey Mouse. You’ll land very close to the park, and a private hire driver will take you straight there.
The Paris heliport is easy to get to and is a great way to bypass traffic jams. You now know of a different way to enjoy the capital and France’s most beautiful places, if you fancy it!


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