Guide to luxury VIP transport in Paris

main d'un chauffeur ouvrant la portière d'un transport vip Paris

A business event on the other side of the Seine? An event in a prestigious venue in Paris ? A wedding to go to in the 7th arrondissement ? A day’s shopping in Paris ? You need to get around in comfort in Paris! So how about enlisting a private chauffeur? Whether a luxury chauffeured private hire vehicle or a limousine, VIP transport in Paris is the perfect solution for getting around the capital stress-free. So what type of service would best meet your needs? Follow our guide to luxury VIP transport in Paris!



Do you often go on business trips? As a company CEO, you’re bound to have a packed schedule. Getting around Paris can be a real headache! So why not enlist a full-time private chauffeur? Your personal driver is on call for you at all times and drives you without a hitch from A to B. This solution makes for the best use of your time.

Have them drive one of your vehicles or pick one from their fleet if you use a service platform, like star of service, for example. Once you have completed a quick questionnaire to establish what your needs are, the latter will put you in touch with private chauffeurs near you. You can also combine this service with security detail for you and your belongings, where required.

This combined service allows you to move around the capital freely without fearing for your safety.



As for chauffeured private hire vehicles, they are chauffeured passenger cars. The chauffeur is on hand to ferry people around in connection with a private event such as a wedding, a business event (seminar, gala) or holiday travel. You can enlist them on a one-off or regular basis.

In France, chauffeured private hire vehicle drivers have multiple customers on their books (unlike private chauffeurs). This VIP mode of transport is regulated by law and governed by Article L 3122-1 of the Transport Act, the terms being agreed upon between the two parties in advance

If you’re looking for a high-end chauffeured private hire vehicle in Paris, you can for example use Drivigo:

  • There are three ranges of high-end vehicles to choose from: for artists, distinguished guests or actors and musicians.
  • Chauffeured private hire vehicles are available at any time for long or short trips, whether routine airport transfers or trips on a one-off basis.
  • Capacity for 6 or 7 people, with or without baby seat – with our bespoke service, just about anything can be arranged.

You can hire a chauffeured private hire vehicle in Paris by the hour, day, week or month.



Why not combine business with pleasure by opting to hire a chauffeured limousine in Paris? This luxurious, comfortable VIP mode of transport is perfect for all private or business trips. You can avail yourself of a spacious vehicle, all the while in a cosy atmosphere.

In Paris, you’ll find a variety of companies that specialise in limousine hire. This selection could be a surefire way to have an unforgettable trip:

  • Allo limousine Paris: offers Paris By Night limousine hire. Specialises in private events (weddings, birthdays).
  • Pink Limo: quirkiness is the order of the day with the hire of this air-conditioned pink limousine, which is perfect for a girls-only trip (maximum capacity 8 people under French legislation for this type of vehicle).

The limousine is fitted out with a double bar and flatscreens with DVD player and Bluetooth radio, allowing you to listen to your favourite playlist while celebrating your friendship! Take in the scenery along the Seine from behind the tinted windows, which will keep all your secrets safely inside.

  • Fr Limousine: is a luxury vehicle available for hire for business and private trips. This option is perfect for fitting in a business meeting between trips in a comfortable place. This mode of VIP transport in Paris is a surefire way to save time and get around safely and comfortably.

With a fleet of high-end vehicles at your disposal, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From the Lincoln or Hummer limousine to the Mercedes S Class, you can be sure that you’ll have a comfortable ride, nicely ensconced in those leather seats.

As an added bonus to make sure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible, the driver speaks two languages. You can get a few titbits of information about the capital to boot.


Have you made your choice between these luxury VIP modes of transport? There is much to be said for driving along the Seine in a luxury vehicle with a private chauffeur. Company CEOs, heads of families, businesspeople and celebrities can all get around Paris safely.


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