Fluctuart: a unique artistic experience on the Seine

Péniche fluctuart

What is the connection between Xavier Niel, Anne Hidalgo and Fluctuart? Paris? Art? Well no, the answer is Nicolas Laugero Lasserre. As the man behind the Art42 museum in Niel’s school named 42, he made his love for street art known to the whole of Paris. When he won the Réinventer la Seine project organised by Hidalgo, his dream came true. That of creating a free venue where international street artists can flourish. The street art scene right on the Seine.

Fluctuart nec mergitum

But the adventure also has to do with Géraud Boursin, a collector and the current Chairman of the lighter. And Éric Philippon, who makes a habit of investing in non-listed companies.

Together, they designed the spaces, which took shape thanks to the talent of naval architect Gérard Ronzatti (whose portfolio also includes Alain Ducasse’s boat, and the Off Paris Seine hotel).

The lighter has remained afloat thanks to the combined skills of these 3 Polytechnique graduates and their passion for street artists.

Street art in upscale neighbourhoods

This juxtaposition is reminiscent of a certain Bohemian chic lifestyle. Le Port du gros caillou plays host to budding street artists, under the watchful eyes of Le Grand Palais and pont des Invalides.

These creative types certainly didn’t learn the art of graffiti on the banks of the Seine. So what a setting! What a great workshop this street art pavilion is, floating there near the pont des Invalides, like a true cultural pioneer, acclaimed by the entire Parisian art scene.



Entry is free at Fluctuart – but you’ll be tempted

Every era has its own disruptive style: abstract art, cubism, curvature, pop art. Each form is closely linked to its roots, its place of origin, a point in time. They each supersede one another after having followed suit with their predecessor. Until they emerge from its shadow, reaching the point where a genuine creation ensues, even if it is continuously inspired by what came before.

Now we’re in the age of street art, which is highly symbolic and representative of life in the city. Like it or not, we are connected to this kind of street art. It is the disruptive art of our time. We’ll learn to love it, in time. It’s always the way.

At Fluctuart you’ll feel this sense of belonging, because you’ll get to see adorable pieces that you’ll find hard to resist. You’ll feel right at home, artistically speaking. The founders have an art all of their own that we like: that of exploring uncharted waters. But they know their classics.

Collections in the permanent exhibition

Fluctuart permanent collection

The permanent collection is on the main deck (the lighter has 3 floors: the rooftop deck, the main deck and the hold). This exhibition room opens right out onto the Seine, making the experience totally immersive and almost akin to kinetic art. When looking at a piece of artwork, you’ll see the series of Parisian bridges in the background.

You’re bound to know who Banksy is. You’ll find the artist’s handiwork on display. That of Shepard Fairey, JR and Invader, too. This is the appetiser that is meant to be an introduction, before moving on to an exploration of the work of budding male and (scarce) female artists.

Temporary exhibitions are sometimes created on site

The floating space spanning 1,000 m² is used as a set for shooting TV programmes. Obviously, it also plays host to artists working on their latest piece. Use is made of aerosol cans and paintbrushes, and no-one is afraid of working in front of an audience, or of being rushed instantly into a temporary exhibition. It becomes a museum in motion.
We’re totally on board with it.

The library of street art

The space is big enough to house a library offering art to go. It is perhaps less set in stone and more interchangeable, but always of high quality, with an inventory that’s always changing.

Private hire, events and parties

Fluctuart can be hired out privately, and otherwise hosts evening events and concerts on the rooftop deck. There you’ll find young people from France and beyond, because the city of Paris is inevitably cosmopolitan, as is street art, which brings people together.
Those who prefer to sit back and enjoy a soft drink or cocktail can do so on the terrace while the others let off steam to the DJ set.

Rooftop Fluctuart

You can have this place and its atmosphere all to yourself. You can stage your own floating party and introduce your team or your friends to this groundbreaking, unassumingly modern venue.

Fluctuart can arrange custom decor, including projections on the riverbanks, to ramp up that feeling of a bespoke artistic experience. Making it an ideal venue for your business events. There is capacity for 500 at cocktail receptions and 90 at seated events. As for the restaurant, booking is a must.
To put it another way, you’ll feel like you’re on a yacht in Saint-Tropez harbour, when all the onlookers are trying to sneak a peek to see who’s on the boat. Exactly like that, only right in the city centre of Paris, between pont de l’Alma and pont des Invalides.

Fluctuart – the first time is never the last

Since you’ll come back time and time again because of the surroundings, the location near Eiffel Tower and the guided tour that’s always free, and different each time. A place that’s open and full of life, like the water on which it floats.


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