The top luxury event management agencies in Paris

célébration avec champagne par des agencs événementielles de luxe à paris

In a world where it’s getting increasingly difficult to feel memorable emotions and form meaningful bonds, event management agencies are committed to creating a totally bespoke experience. A hallmark that will stay with your guests for evermore. The upshot? Your clients or friends will never forget you, they will talk about you and your brand, making you the stuff of legend.

Event management agencies for team activities

These services can be provided for companies and also private events. The goal is to have fun while encouraging teamwork. That’s where hitherto hidden leadership qualities come to the fore.

Are you planning a corporate event? Discover our top 7 venues for a business event in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Forevent: The event management agency that’s all about totally off-the-wall jollies

Your event is led by a team of coaches and actors who really bring it all to life. The high-end variety is about daring to be different. With the guidance of Forevent, success is guaranteed. How about a few examples from the portfolio?

  • Experience the thrills of horse racing without having to make a trip to a racecourse
  • Be the voice actor for the greatest cinema scenes
  • Learn how to cheat at poker
  • Play the mechanic and put a 2CV back together in under 2 hours (an activity that’s a bit different and goes down particularly well).

With this service provider it’s all about action and by the end of it you have a whole new skill set.

Promenade des sens: The event management agency that’s all about Gallic good taste

Promenade des Sens is on a mission to publicise France and its sense of good taste by way of specialised activities involving French etiquette, gastronomy and culture, all done in a fun way with heaps of historical anecdotes that very few people know. How about a few examples from the portfolio?

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the best gastronomic establishments in Paris
  • Paying a visit to national gastronomy industry award holders (meilleurs ouvriers de France) in the Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and more
  • Staging gourmet trails (rallyes gourmands) right across Paris
  • Staging lessons in French cookery and etiquette in a typically Parisian venue, nestled in the courtyard of a splendid Haussmann-style apartment block

The agency stages cocktail parties with finger food and private or company dinners in small low-key groups. international clientele welcome, for high-end positioning.

By the end of it, you have knowledge to impart and heaps of anecdotes to tell.


Event management agencies for luxury events

When a private individual wants to put on a luxury event it’s usually for a wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah or gala dinner. So you have to find a suitable function venue for an unforgettable evening, to treat and impress your guests.

Arteventia: The event management agency that specialises in pyrotechnics

This agency, based in Paris, has an advantage: it knows the venues that can host a pyrotechnics show in line with your expectations. Because you can’t just shoot off fireworks wherever. You have to show consideration for the natural environment and protected areas. Safety measures are important, and official permits must be obtained in a timely manner. That’s unique, irreplaceable know-how. If you clear all these hurdles, what awaits you is by far the most rewarding and creative experience. It’s bound to be high in the prestige stakes. However, if these obstacles have put paid to your plans, you can go with Pyronix as your go-to provider to stage a breathtaking, fascinating fire show. These fire maestros work outdoors or under a big top, and are much more than just a plan B. They are accustomed to working with Luc Petit, the very famous show director and artistic director to celebrities. You come away from it totally dazzled and blissed out.

Wato: the agency that produces a teaser as an invitation to even the craziest of events

WATO (We Are The Oracle) is the agency that can pull off anything for you in Paris and around the world. Hiring out a theme park like Disneyland would almost be old hat for this event management agency. Instead, it privatises helicopters hires out planes for your plane party. It doesn’t just stage weddings, but royal weddings. It offers immersive events only, and seeks out truly unconventional locations. Like a fancy-dress party in a church in Paris (really difficult to pull off). Or a garden party in a Paris garden complete with air show. You can ask the impossible of this agency and be demanding in the extreme. But be careful what you wish for! This is truly an agency for VIPs. You come out of it ecstatic and reach a new level of bliss that’s a hard act to follow.


Event management agencies in the performing arts and fashion world

Want to invite a star into your midst? Put on a show? Stage a fashion show? Only agencies specialising in show business and the luxury market will be able to fulfil your brief.

CoEvents: Staging of live performances and extraordinary shows

The world of performing arts has its own ways of doing things, and it takes many years to build up a pool of high-quality artists. That’s where the expertise of CoEvents comes in, since the agency deals with the world of the performing arts in the broadest sense.

How about a few show ideas?

  • Cabaret: whether a burlesque show or Latino revue, anything is possible
  • Magic and trickery
  • The circus and circus artists
  • Ice dancing
  • Musicals

The agency takes care of venue hire and coordination in respect of all the parties involved. All of these services are within your reach. You come away from it feeling the beating heart of your inner child.

A.D.R.: The leading agency for luxury and fashion brands

A.D.R. manages an array of events during the Cannes film festival, as well as bespoke events for the biggest names in luxury, fashion and jewellery. It can stage fashion shows, and also prestigious after-show events during fashion week. It has access to contacts and to the very biggest names on the planet. It can hire out venues that have never been hired out before. It can secure the attendance of a celebrity who doesn’t usually mingle even with high society. It’s the key getting you access to the glamour set. But be aware that you have to meet the agency’s very exclusive criteria to avail yourself of its know-how.

Private concierge services as intermediary?

Using private concierge services is an excellent way of having your event brief directed to the right service providers. Your concierge will take care of all the details, leaving you plenty of time to get ready and publicise it effectively. There are a few big names based in Paris: MyConcierge and John Paul, for example, are bound to offer the kind of service that you need.