The best places to go for ‏tailor-made perfume in Paris

Parfum sur mesure Paris

Dive right into the heart of Paris, the world capital of luxury, which is home to the exclusive tailor-made perfume scene. Here, every street and perfume workshop exude elegance. Give yourself the gift of a unique experience : create your own perfume, a fragrance that reflects your personality. In Paris, the major perfume houses offer much more than perfumes; they offer refined, personalised olfactory journeys. A tailor-made perfume in Paris is on the list of precious gifts, the kind that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Join us on a sensory adventure through some of the best perfume workshops in Paris!


The art of tailor-made perfume in Paris

As the custodian of know-how passed down through the ages, Paris perpetuates the tradition of perfume creation in its workshops and perfume houses, but not without combining it with modernity and creativity. Parisian master perfumers design fragrances like olfactory works of art

Every fragrance, crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, reveals the personality of its wearer, complete with all its nuances. It’s an art that goes beyond mere fragrance development, giving you a unique and luxurious sensory experience, and great ideas for gifts to yourself. 

The tailor-made experience in Paris is also an invitation to get acquainted with the great shoemakers.

The best places to go

Get acquainted with these prestigious places in Paris, where the art of perfumery reaches the apex of excellence. In the capital, every perfume workshop is a sanctuary of luxury, combining tradition and innovation. Find the one for you among the various fragrance workshops to develop the olfactory signature that speaks about you and on your behalf. A few quintessential ones.


Francis Kurkdjian

In the heart of Paris, near the Louvre, Francis Kurkdjian’s workshop is a benchmark on the tailor-made perfume scene. As a true alchemist of modern times, Francis Kurkdjian first exercised his talents as a perfumer for an array of fashion designers and prestigious fashion houses (Saint-Laurent, Dior, Guerlain etc). His creations are true works of art, reflecting Parisian elegance and sophistication.

The tailor-made experience at Francis Kurkdjian is a deep dive into a world of refined scents, where each fragrance is designed to tell a unique story. Customers have the option of customising their fragrance, with services such as bottle-engraving, for a Christmas present for example. The company offers a variety of fragrances, from the freshest to the headiest, allowing every client to find their very own tailor-made perfume in Paris.


Studio Flair

The Flair studio in Paris stands out due to its innovative, creative approach to the art of perfumery. This young, all-female workshop offers singular perfumes and tailor-made ones, for a varied clientele (professionals, brands and artists). Close collaboration between the perfume creator and her clients allows for thorough customisation of each “elixir.”

Flair’s USP lies in its ability to work with the best raw materials, whether natural or synthetic, selected from renowned laboratories (Biolandes, Be Have, etc.). These close ties to quality suppliers allow Flair to offer fragrances with unique, bold compositions. The workshop can meet its clients’ most unusual and niche wants, for Christmas or any other occasion.


As a symbol of Parisian luxury and elegance, the Guerlain workshop has been enthusiastically cultivating the art of tailor-made perfumes since 1853. Starting with Eau de Cologne Impériale for Empress Eugenie, this tradition has continued, making Guerlain an iconic name in the crafting of unique fragrances. Each one is the result of an in-depth dialogue between the client and master perfumer Thierry Wasser. 

Guerlain has teamed up with Moynat, the famous French trunk-maker, to package these unique fragrances in exceptional trunks, symbolising the union of luxury and customisation, with price tags to match. The fragrance’s formula, packaged in the legendary Bee Perfume Bottle, belongs to its owner for life. To top off the experience, hand-painted initials can be added, making each creation as personal and exclusive as it gets.



Cartier, which is world-renowned for its excellence in jewellery, is also renowned for its tailor-made perfumes. Since 2005, Mathilde Laurent, the “nose” at Cartier, has been bringing her experience, artistic expertise and heightened keenness on the design of unique fragrances for exclusive clients. This tailor-made perfume in Paris, from rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, is an olfactory gem, crafted with that characteristic attention to detail of Cartier jewellery. 

Fragrances such as La Panthère, Treizième Heure and Baiser Volé are testament to Mathilde Laurent’s expertise and distinctive style. She works closely with each client to pin down their personality and wants in an exclusive fragrance, with customised lingering scents


Stéphanie de Bruijn

This place is less well known, but just as prestigious as the others. From her Parisian studio-cum-boudoir in the 7th arrondissement, Stéphanie de Bruijn brings you a cosy, customised tailor-made perfume experience. With over 400 raw materials at her disposal, she creates fragrances that reflect the soul and sensibilities of her clients. 

In her laboratory, Stéphanie de Bruijn creates customised fragrances by taking an existing base from her collection and adding a brand-new ingredient. So this allows for advanced customisation, under the rules of traditional French perfumery, to create a precious, singular fragrance that’s perfect as a Christmas gift. 

When you visit Paris to create your very own tailor-made perfume, don’t forget to make the most of the City of Light. 

Between perfume development appointments, give in to the charm of the iconic monuments of Paris. From the majestic Louvre to the elegant Eiffel Tower, each monument tells a story that will enrich your stay. 

An array of terraces with that unique Parisian atmosphere will give you a moment to relax and make the most of this unique experience at the heart of the Parisian hustle and bustle, where you can sample French culinary delights.


Pointers on picking your very own tailor-made perfume

Designing a unique perfume in Paris is a personal journey, combining self-knowledge with fragrance selection. So as not to miss anything in the process of developing your future fragrance, keep these few things in mind:

  • Scent preferences: identify your favourite scents and notes (floral, woody, etc.) to steer the creative process.
  • Skin test: check how the fragrance develops on your skin, as each fragrance reacts differently.
  • A reflection of your personality: opt for a fragrance that matches your temperament and memories.
  • Patience: take your time in the creative process for a gratifying result.

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Paris, with its prestigious perfume houses, offers a rare experience for those looking to create their own signature scent. A tailor-made perfume in Paris is more than just a perfume. It’s a journey into the luxury scene, a priceless gift to yourself. During your stay in Paris, treat yourself to this gift that speaks directly to the soul!