Pop-up terraces are back in Paris | Summer at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Terrasses éphémères Paris

Since the 2021 pandemic, a new concept has been developed in the capital: pop-up terraces. From April to October, modular terraces have been set up in front of bistros and restaurants. Rooftops with unobstructed views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, greened-over terrasses where you can relax and enjoy some greenery right in the city centre, the most beautiful terraces in the French capital… Want more? Pop-up terraces are back in Paris for a summer full of surprises!

The finest pop-up terraces in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

In the heart of the Paris business district, get yourself to a place where you can enjoy the spring-summer season. Pop-up terraces are ever popular with Parisians wanting to get away from it all. We’ve hunted down the two finest pop-up terraces in the 7th arrondissement for you.

Concorde Atlantique : the big Italian-style pop-up terrace

Between the Assemblée Nationale and the Musée d’Orsay, the boat Concorde Atlantique spans 450 m² across three levels. It has been fitted out with a pop-up relaxation area on the upper deck for Parisian evenings during the spring-summer season. It’s an open-air cultural hub and eatery that’s open every day. At lunchtime, you can eat on the terrace of the lighter on the Seine. After work, you can enjoy a homemade sundowner cocktail. And lastly, in the evening, you can hit the dance floor to a DJ set. Live shows, stand-up comedians, cabaret shows, concerts and more. To keep you entertained, the theme is different every time.


The Eiffel Tower’s pop-up terrace: symbolism kept intact

The Iron Lady is full of surprises! The second floor has been fitted out with a pop-up terrace spanning 330 m², 57 metres up. It is symbolic of the Eiffel Tower’s recent height extension to reach 330 metres. A wall display shows you how the Tower has got taller over the past 133 years. You can escape for a moment in this magical space with a direct view of the iconic monument. The terrace planted with oleanders, palm and olive trees makes for a distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere. As for outdoor furniture, the Eiffel Tower pop-up terrace has sofas, poufs and armchairs. And more surprisingly, there are also swings, something to delight those in touch with their inner child!


Other summer terraces in Paris guaranteed to take you away from it all

Broaden your horizons by trying out the Paris summer terraces around the 7th arrondissement. On a lighter, on a rooftop or in a garden, celebrate summer in a way befitting of Paris !

Mademoiselle Mouche: hanging gardens in the summer season

Head for the Port de la Conférence in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Yous will find hanging gardens above the pleasure boats. Greened-over terrasses and tropical-style decor… Here you can come and spend quality time with friends at the bar opposite the Eiffel Tower. It’s a great way to celebrate summer in the capital. Open Fridays and Saturdays only. In case of inclement weather, there’s a see-through giant bubble to shelter under and keep the party going. With a DJ and cocktails (with or without alcohol), there’s no stopping you this summer!

Hanami Paris Japanese summer terrace

In the 16th arrondissement you’ll find a wooden summer terrace unlike any other. An authentic little Japanese garden welcomes you with open arms to wrap you in that dolce vita feeling. Set on the forecourt of the Paris Aquarium in the Trocadéro gardens, the restaurant and bar with terrace, Hanami Paris, is a quintessential spot this summer. The terrace is open daily from noon to 2 a.m. until the end of September. Here you can eat, drink and dance to the rhythm of Parisian nights.

Le Molitor: a summer terrace arranged around an Art Deco swimming pool

Do you feel like combining exercise, wellbeing and a dining experience in a summery spot in Paris? Le Molitor, in the 16th arrondissement, has a splendid swimming pool in the middle complete with artworked decor. Meeting rooms, a conference centre, hotel rooms, etc. Then there’s the pop-up rooftop with the Solarium bar overlooking Roland-Garros, the Auteuil glasshouses and the famed outside pool. There is table service of cocktails, grilled meats and seasonal salads in a relaxed atmosphere against a a background of electronic music.

Les Petites Mains in the gardens of Palais Galleria

Also in the 16th arrondissement, the Palais Galleria stands proudly opposite the Eiffel Tower. In the palace gardens, a pop-up terrace named “Les Petites Mains” has appeared, accommodating large numbers of sun-seeking Parisians. With cocktails put together by mixologist Sébastien Foulard, springtime cuisine by Geoffrey Lengagne and exquisite desserts by pastry chef François Daubinet, there is plenty to enjoy in the shade of the parasols. This pop-up terrace is set in 600 m² of greenery opposite the Iron Lady.


Here we have given you a foretaste of summer to get you ready to spend quality time in our beautiful capital. You can mix things up by trying out several pop-up terraces in different neighbourhoods around the 7th arrondissement. That way, you’ll be able to see Paris from different angles. And if you’d like to hire out one of these summer terraces, contact with the organisers.


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