Check out the best cigar shops in Paris to buy your cigars

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Partagas, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, etc. Just seeing these few brands of Cuban cigars in writing brings back olfactory memories. You can already see yourself moistening the hand-rolled tobacco leaves and getting ready to enjoy your Puro with all your senses. So where can you find these cigars in Paris?

Let us lift the lid on the best cigar shops in Paris, proving once again that the French capital is not only a forerunner, but also an ambassador for the world’s leading producers.


Buying cigars: at the cigar shop or tobacconist?

The significant difference between a cigar shop and a tobacconistis that the latter does not specialise in the sale of cigars. Depending on the extent of their knowledge, tobacconists will stock some brands and items, particularly for sale singly.

This is why you need to be very careful when choosing a storage method.

If the cigar has not come straight out of a cellar, even a small one, with a humidifier and perfect hygrometrics, walk away lest you spoil your experience considerably.

Besides, lots of tobacco bars take advantage of the renown of the name “civette” whereas in fact they just sell cigarettes. So keep your wits about you…


The treasure trove at Palais Royal: À la civette

This Parisian cigar shop, which opened in 1716, is thought to be the world’s oldest.

Christopher Columbus discovered tobacco on his famous voyage, but it wasn’t until 1676 that cigars came into being in Seville. The first cigar factory was set up in the USA (before Cuba even!) in 1762.

Back in 1716, the À la Civette shop mainly sold snuff. It was scented with the fluid from the scent gland of the civet which, when diluted, would develop a musky, floral smell.

Those cigars would be sold a little later.

The shop then moved to 157 rue Saint-Honoré in the first arrondissement of Paris, and has remained there ever since.

The cellar master has been awarded the title of Habanos Specialist by the Cuban producers, giving him a clear advantage over his competitors. You can also buy cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaraguaand Honduras. As well as all the paraphernalia, including some magnificent branded cigar cases.

The shop has a rum section. The notes of aged rum bring out the aroma of a habano perfectly.

Open every day of the week, the opening hours being 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Sundays.


Tobacco art: the Paris tobacco shop carrying 480 product lines

From father to son and daughter, the Pelletier family lives for the art of tobacco and cigars. These tobacconists travel the world and go round all thecigar clubs in search of the odd rare find, such as Tahitian cigars with their aqua blue ring.

Like the hedonists that they are, they use any excuse to enjoy a Silencio, a Rey del mundo or a Balmoral. There’s a cigar for every pursuit: golf, rounding off dinner, a card game, etc.

If you go to the cigar shop, at 2 place de Catalogne in the 14th arrondissement, you can enjoy a good cigar in its smoking lounge. The place has recently been refurbished, with a modern, plush feel.

You’ll also have the pleasure of checking out their full range of paraphernalia dedicated to the art of the cigar.


The Publicis drugstore cigar cellar: rare finds and more

The drugstore is on the infamous avenue des Champs-Élysées, at number 133. What makes it so successful is its luxury department store format, one which appeals to Parisians. Its late opening hours make it a magnet for the nightlife crowd. If the fancy takes you, you can buy your cigars right up until 2 a.m., 7 days a week.

Their cigar selection is legendary. 138 product lines of nothing but top-quality Cuban cigars. They include rare items and stand-out formats such as boxes of 50.

But the USP

of the place is its cellar compartments. Kept under lock and key for the 77 or so happy few, these vaults (which are specially designed to store luxury cigars) are kept secure and secreted away from prying eyes.


Some pieces of advice on buying and storing cigars

We recommend that you resist the temptation of machine-rolled cigars and go straight for “hecho a mano”, meaning hand-rolled.


About cigars

The tobacco used is pure, and makes up the whole cigar. The wrapper, in other words the leaf covering the filler, is picked due to its combustibility, fine quality and colour.

The filler is the body of the cigar, its innards, made up of chopped tobacco or whole leaves.

The binder is also a tobacco leaf that binds and protects the wrapper.

Machine-rolled cigar leaves are subject to forces that make it impossible to deem them among the finest or thinnest. In addition, filler tobacco is often a blend of inferior quality. However, you can find semi-hand-rolled cigars whereby only the filler has been machine-compacted.


About humidors

Lastly, to store your cigars properly, you’ll need a special humidor. You can find some which are 100% made in France.

Attention is paid to the wood, glue and hygrometric control systems used.

The French company Tercecret makes made-to-measure humidors and can base them on sketches. It supplies the finest Parisian palaces thanks to its expertise in luxury cabinet-making , which allows it to pick the most fetching wood varieties for your cigars.

This is craftsmanship that you won’t find in any shop.


It often starts with a gift

Someone offers you a cigar one day. The time, the place and the people are all just right. And then, a whole scene of luxury and contemplation unfolds before you. A ceremony. And you get bitten by the bug. So now, the best smoking lounges in Paris are ready and waiting for you: private members’ clubs, cigar bars, hotels, rooftops and cigar-friendly restaurants. Doors that you had not noticed before are opening for you. And some ideas for trips too, to go and pick up your Cuban or Dominican cigars directly from the producer. And why not?

Let the inspiration grab you!