Who are the tailor-made tailors in the 7th ?

couturiers sur mesure dans le 7e
A tailor-made fashion house is to fashion what a Michelin-starred restaurant is to gastronomy: a symbol of prestige, quality and pleasure. Like great cuisine, sartorial art and haute couture are French specialties, recognized worldwide. It is in the capital that you will have the best chance of finding a workshop making high-end clothing. Are you looking for a tailor-made tailor for men’s clothing, or a tailor-made tailor to create a dress or pantsuit for women? The 7th arrondissement of Paris, where the Iron Lady proudly sits, certainly has no shortage of them. Visit this world of elegance and refinement.




Discover our selection (non-exhaustive), for you who are looking for a designer or a good tailor in Paris , in the 7th arrondissement:

  • Faubourg Saint Sulpice, at 32 rue Chevert. The house stands out in the world of men’s couture with its innovative approach to tailor-made tailoring. Since 2009, this Parisian workshop has combined artisanal expertise and careful customization, creating unique costumes adapted to the body shape and style of each client. She makes a point of selecting quality materials and offering customer service based on listening and sincerity.
  • Maison Torcello , at 130, rue de Grenelle. Established in Paris since 1979, this prestigious sewing workshop specializes in tailor-made tailoring for men and women. Combining tradition and modernity, its creator gives us the benefit of her expertise in tailoring and welcomes us in an intimate and elegant setting. A suit for Madame or a suit for Monsieur to match the wedding dress? In this place, each creation is designed with know-how and passion.
  • Catarina Knoch , at 7, passage Landrieu. Catarina Knoch, renowned master tailor , embodies the excellence of large tailoring in Paris. After sewing her first dress at age 6 in Sweden, she acquired solid and refined know-how in the most prestigious Parisian fashion houses. In her sewing workshop, she creates tailor-made, modern and elegant pieces. Dress, pants or suit, here, each garment is crafted with love and precision.
  • Maison Ségolène de Guibert, at 13, passage Landrieu. This Parisian workshop specializes in creating your custom wedding dress. The designer really takes care of her clients. Each dress, made with passion, reflects the character of the bride and her unique femininity. Ségolène de Guibert, influenced by a creative family environment and her love for beautiful fabrics, will know how to design the dress which will combine variety of fabrics and materials, and elegance of lines.
  • Cereza Couture, at 41, avenue Bosquet. In her sewing workshop specializing in tailor-made items, Carolina welcomes you by appointment. Very attentive, she puts all her talent into creating your garment (wedding dress, cocktail dress, pants, lined jacket, suit, etc.). The quality and speed of his sewing and alteration work are unanimously recognized, all this without spending too many euros. A fashion house that deserves to be known!




You will have understood that what has always characterized sartorial art is its artisanal and manual side. Luxury craftsmanship, in bespoke tailoring, represents the right balance between tradition and modernity. To create exclusive pieces, a luxury fashion house relies on traditional artisanal skills:


  • embroidery with gold thread , silk or pearls on a pretty dress;
  • the creation of impeccably finished buttonholes;
  • fitting lining for a suit jacket;
  • invisible seams for a perfect finish;
  • discreet hand hemming for a beautiful drape of the fabric.


Luxury brands, by preserving these skills and manufacturing outfits that last over time, also encourage less consumption of fabrics and clothing . More environmentally friendly, luxury craftsmanship contributes to a more sustainable and ethical future in the world of custom tailoring.





In a good fashion house, the design of an outfit follows a rigorous creative process , which can be found more or less in each workshop:

  • The initial consultation  : this is the meeting with the client to discuss their tastes, their wishes and to find out if the outfit will be worn on a daily basis or on a special occasion.
  • Taking measurements: in the workshop, the tailor-made tailor will calculate the person’s very precise measurements, to guarantee a perfect fit to their body shape. Trousers require up to 10 measuring points, a shirt up to 20 and even more for a dress…
  • The choice of materials  : depending on the season, the desired look and the way you move, you will need to select high quality fabrics. For a large suit, for example, we will favor worsted wool, tweed, silk, cotton or linen.
  • The creation of the garment and its adjustments  : it is the making of the outfit which begins with the manufacture of a canvas pattern that the person will test during the first fitting, with more or fewer adjustments depending on the piece.
  • Final delivery  : after checking the comfort and aesthetic appearance, the time has come to deliver the tailor-made outfit to its happy owner, to take it home.


The cost and delivery times depend on the complexity of the outfit and the level of customization: count on a budget of a few hundred to several thousand euros, and a wait that can last many months. Remember that your dress or suit will look great on you, and will also last a very long time.





In the 7th arrondissement of Paris, custom tailoring is moving towards innovation and technology, with the use of digital tools such as graphics tablets for 3D design.

The piece created is only produced to order and sustainable and eco-responsible materials are in vogue, reflecting a growing environmental awareness .

Personalized styles, influenced by fashion icons and celebrities such as athletes, beauty queens or artists, highlight individuality and personalized luxury.

You have all the cards in hand to find your tailor-made designer in the 7th. Make an appointment at the home or workshop of your choice, and get ready to enjoy a great personalized sewing experience!