The art of luxury shoemaking in Paris : A passion for excellence

cordonnier de luxe à Paris
Owning leather shoes, custom-made by an artisan shoemaker, is a dream that everyone wishes they could afford. However, maintaining them is essential in order to preserve them over time. In Paris, the capital of fashion and elegance, you will have access to these repair services in each shoe repair workshop. In addition to repairs, artisans often offer maintenance products and leather goods to match your shoes. If you are looking for a shoemaker in Paris, read the following carefully.




Let’s discover together this universe, which, to meet current demands for standing and comfort, daily reinvents this ancient profession.




Faithful to the traditional methods of shoemaking know-how and artistic shoemaking, the most renowned shoemakers in Paris practice their art using tools such as hammers, awls or wooden shapes.

Whether they are best workers in France, Compagnons du Devoir or trained by a recognized master bootmaker, these artisans favor manual work to shape the leather. Taking care of your shoes, bags and belts requires experience and time for a truly satisfactory result.




Personalization is an integral part of the unique relationship between the shoemaker and his customers. By listening, he allows him to keep his shoes tailor-made , in line with his identity and his personal style.

This personalized approach results in a careful selection of materials and shapes corresponding to each foot. It takes into account the specificities of walking and the desired comfort, to arrive at perfectly adapted shoes.




Modernity also finds its place in luxury shoemaking in Paris, which has recently tended to become more feminine. Parisian shoemakers, now online, can adopt innovative methods while preserving traditional techniques.

They always use quality leathers, but also advanced dyeing and finishing techniques ( glazing , recessed iron or rubber pads), to guarantee the durability and aesthetics of your shoes.




The Parisian workshops, located in or around the 7th arrondissement of Paris , are institutions of excellent reputation, of which here is a small, non-exhaustive selection:

  • Dominique Barilero  : this renowned craftsman has carved out a place for himself among the best in Paris. He welcomes you to his small shop, dedicated to individuals on rue Amélie in the 7th arrondissement. In addition to catering, it offers the sale of bags and leather goods from Italy. In this unmissable workshop, your high-end shoes will be treated with the greatest care.
  • Shoemaking Vaneau  : workshop famous for its refined creations and the repair of leather goods, also in the 7th. Created in 1946, it is one of the oldest in Paris. Recommended by the biggest houses, such as Yves Saint-Laurent, he stands out in carrying out delicate work. In addition to repairing and customizing your shoes, Vaneau shoe repair provides a renovation service for leather goods, luggage and belts.
  • Norbert Bottier: based in the 15th arrondissement, Norbert has been practicing his talents and know-how since 1981. With his experience, Norbert is considered one of the best shoemakers in Paris. His workshop offers the repair and personalization of shoes for men and women, but also a selection of leather care products.
  • Atelier Cattelan: recognized for its exceptional know-how, the Atelier Cattelan is a luxury shoe repair shop located in the north-east of Paris which supports the biggest brands. Founded in 1956 by Tullio Cattelan, this renowned workshop can repair and customize your shoes. It is approved by the biggest brands, such as Paraboot, Crockett & Jones or Heschung, and also works with the same materials and the same know-how as these prestigious brands.
  • Shoemaking Les 2 lutins: founded by Didier Martinez and Guillaume Belmonte, this shop in the 2nd arrondissement of course offers shoe repairs, but also a range of services, including leather glazing, to prolong their life. Les 2 Lutins are also involved in the Répar’acteurs label, to promote the eco-responsible approach of repairing rather than throwing away and thus reducing waste.




These exceptional craftsmen offer you much more than simple repair services. As in all luxury boutiques in Paris , you will experience an unforgettable customer experience in these timeless places with a unique atmosphere. Your shoemaker strives for excellence in every detail of his service, commensurate with the love you have for your high-end shoes.

The art of shoemaking is of course accompanied by personalized advice to preserve your favorite pieces for as long as possible. You can also purchase accessories, such as raw cedar shoe trees , or a tinted belt while benefiting from the best advice for choosing higher quality care products,

luxury shoemaker in Paris deserves its place in high-end craftsmanship. With his exceptional know-how, your craftsman does not just maintain a tradition, he reinvents it to perpetuate this profession in a constantly evolving world.

Take advantage of your stay in Paris to take care of your favorite shoes. Entrust them to a real shoemaker to prolong the pleasure of wearing them!