Exploring molecular cuisine : Discover innovative restaurants in Paris

cuisine moléculaire

Imagine enjoying molecular cuisine in a restaurant in Paris . Nothing better for an extraordinary culinary experience . Originally called “ molecular gastronomy ”, it appeared in the 1980s thanks to the meeting of Nicholas Kurtis, an Oxford physicist, and Hervé This, a French physico-chemist. However, it was French chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire and Thierry Marx who democratized this approach in the 1990s. They introduced tools and techniques often borrowed from chemistry and physics to encourage experimentation and creativity. Discover the quintessence of Paris restaurants and the emblematic addresses of this excellent cuisine.

After enjoying the panoramic views from the most beautiful terraces in Paris , immerse yourself in the world of molecular cuisine with its innovative flavors and artistic presentations. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled taste journey with these three restaurants where gastronomy becomes a true work of sensory art.


At the Mandarin Oriental, discover the culinary world of chef Thierry Marx, ambassador of molecular cuisine in France. He combines technique and emotion to concoct a gourmet menu that appeals to your senses: sight, hearing and taste. His creative recipes have earned him two stars in the Michelin Guide.

In a refined setting designed in the spirit of an haute-couture setting by Patrick Jouin, Sur Mesure offers French cuisine combining tradition and innovation without compromise. The decoration of the entrance takes us into a cocoon where white reigns supreme, like a blank canvas on which the menu remains to be imagined.

The gourmet restaurant is open every evening from Tuesday to Saturday and offers a menu that allows you to compose your 6-course menu, with family or as a couple.

Also discover the world and the essential molecular cuisine of another great restaurant in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.


“Cuisine is not measured in terms of tradition or modernity, we must read the tenderness of the cook”, everything is said in this quote from Pierre Gagnaire. Its eponymous restaurant, three stars since 1996, is like its owner: modern and sober, playing the note of discreet refinement. The same goes for the service, attentive and delicate.

While molecular gastronomy is not the chef’s specialty, he regularly collaborates with physical chemist Hervé This from the National Institute of Agronomic Research. Its objective is to highlight exceptional contemporary French cuisine, reflecting excellence and creativity.

The dishes are poetic and in constant reinvention, so it is impossible to cite an emblematic dish, or even a main quality, because everything is perfection. Through his culinary art, Pierre Gagnaire strongly reaffirms his attachment to producers, fishermen and breeders from all sources.

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner and offers several menus or à la carte dishes with an exquisite selection of fine wines.

Let’s continue exploring the fascinating world of molecular cuisine, where each dish is a work of art as much as a taste experience, with this establishment with an innovative and creative approach that is Mystery Cuisine.


The Mystery Cuisine restaurant in Paris offers its guests an intimate and mysterious setting. It is a place of travel imagined as a gastronomic theater in which only three tables welcome the adventurers of the molecular experience.

The cuisine is orchestrated by four hands by Édouard and Thu Ha. These two chefs offer an alliance of generosity and finesse inspired by French and Vietnamese gastronomy with a touch of molecular cuisine. Crafted dishes that revisit textures and appearances for an exotic and innovative encounter.

Open every evening, Mystery Cuisine does not offer an established menu. Indeed, customers are not informed of the contents of the menu before the dishes are served, which gives the place all its originality.

The chefs play with seasonal products and the wine list only includes prestigious appellations and great wines. A unique place to share with two or four people.


The meeting between molecular and healthy food is characterized by the exploration of fresh, high-quality products, prepared using innovative techniques. This approach combines culinary creativity and nutritional well-being by offering balanced dishes, where natural flavors are preserved and nutrients optimized.

Chefs who specialize in this gastronomic area are incorporating alternatives to traditional ingredients, such as plant-based proteins and algae, to create healthy, sustainable experiences in restaurants catering to special diets . Ideal for pushing the boundaries of modern cooking.

Additionally, gelling, spherification and cryogenics are techniques often used to transform healthy products into unique culinary creations. They offer a moment that combines taste pleasure and well-being.

In short, the fusion between molecular cuisine and healthy food trends promises a balanced and innovative culinary experience, where creativity and well-being meet harmoniously.


Looking for a unique culinary experience in Paris? Opt for molecular cuisine to impress your guests during your special events.

Thanks to the molecular touch, your festive events are unforgettable and create a sensation with your guests by bringing them an extraordinary culinary journey. It thus transforms your event venue into a space for unique gastronomic discoveries.

To vary the pleasures during your convivial moments in Paris, why not also call on a luxury caterer to taste French and exotic delights?

You have the choice depending on the type of events you want to organize to satisfy the palates of your guests.

Molecular cuisine in Paris offers a unique and captivating experience, brilliantly combining tradition and innovation. Certain restaurants have established themselves as essential destinations for those in search of avant-garde gastronomy. Whether for a delicious meal or for special events, the molecular touch will add a unique and remarkable dimension to every culinary moment in the capital.